The latest

The past few months have been horrible.  While the fall in the shower led them to find the brain swelling, another fall onto a ceramic tile floor caused a vertebrae in my back to break.  They arent sure if it the break just from the fall or if there is cancer in there causing the break.

In the meantime they keep trying to start me on a clinical trial and every time somethinng else comes up.  Ive had mri after ct scan after ultrasound of just about everything.  The
latest was my liver function being too high so they did an ultrasound and found something.  This let to an mri which shows i have new cancer in my liver…but it also shows something in my spine.  So tomorrow i have another mri of my spine..even though i have had one less than 2 weeks ago, but they think something might be threatening my spinal cord again.
If it is, supposedly i will start radiation again.  It seems so strange that it seems like it is constantly something.  And i cant start the clinical trial which will give me coverage everywhere like chemo.
Fingers crossed that they can get this under control.


About Cheryl

My name is Cheryl. I was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer in February 2011 when I was 42 years old. This is a blog about my journey to survival.
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